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Fandom of the wonderful, talented, beautiful Luke Friend. Friendies are the nicest people you will ever speak to and are always willing to help someone out. They will always be ready to fangirl with other friendies
Luke Friend: *uploads pic*
Friendie 1: Did you see his new pic omgg!!???
Friendie 2: YES omfg DEAD ASDGHJKL
by radfriendie December 21, 2013
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A picture taken with another person or a group of people. One of the people in the picture is the one taking the picture.

Opposite of a selfie. Proves you do have friends.

You can see the person taking the picture, outstretched arm or they may appare closer to the camera.
Tom: Hey everyone let's do a friendie!!
by lcdwhittxo March 23, 2014
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Friendie is a brand cool way of saying "My friend."
James: Hey friendie, Where've you been?
Kyle: hey James, I was in the gym.
by Fares14f February 03, 2009
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The friendie is a sexual act between just friends. It is typically limited to manual stimulation of the reciever's geneitals, but other variations are acceptable because you're friends.

In the case where a male is the reciever, the friendie is like a handie. In the case of a female reciever, any form of fingering or stimulation of the clitoris is acceptable.

The friendie can be given by both a male or female and there must be a mutually agreed upon friendship between both parties.
Jimmy told me that he and Amanda participated in some just friends spooning, and she even gave him a friendie.
by MusclesGlassez January 09, 2012
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