Knowing more than one friend w/ the same name, but they don't know each other because they are from different stereotype cliques.
xallix: geeze, how many allisons do u know?
XMichealX: ummmmm...3?
xallix:damn. i know 6 mikes
XMichealX: ...ouch
xallix: yupp. it's easy to keep them straight tho. they're all from different friend families, so they don't know each other
by dragonxalli November 1, 2009
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A person whom your parents know, from that job they had back in the day, whom they've never quite been able to shake off. This person will continually reappear at social gatherings involving other family friends, who all seem to just orbit around the periphery of your parents' lives for years and years, like a fly buzzing around your head that simply won't die.

Despite the ever-repetitive "look how tall you've gotten!"s and "I haven't seen you in ten years!"s from these strangers, you are required by unwritten social code to treat these people as if they were at least close enough to be a creepy uncle.
Mom: Our family friend Carl is coming to the barbecue on Saturday.
You: Who?
Mom: Oh you know, that guy I worked with 50 years ago, and we just happened to keep in touch. You've met him, he saw your birthing, remember?
You: ...
by Flameow December 9, 2010
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A family who your parents know and they try to force you to be friends with their kids, eventually getting married to their daughters/sons
Mom: son, we have to visit our family friend today, go pack your stuff
Son: ok mom.
by Swagger gujjar September 1, 2017
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someone who enjoys doing drugs considered harder than alcohol and marijuana
"Lori, is that molly in your bag? Tabs of acid in your wallet!?
"Yes, but hush, don't make a scene!"
"Of course, but that's cool! I did not know you were a friend of the family!"
by pancaketreehouse May 26, 2021
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a discount you typically give your family and or friends when they ring up thru your register. most people ask for this discount even if they dont know you to save some money.
paprika: girl, guess how much i paid for these new kanye west kicks!
refrescola: how much girl?
paprika: $175
refrescola: aint they be $300
paprika: yeah, but i got a family & friends discount.
by mcbillions May 12, 2009
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When your sister/brother in law is not being sexually satisfied by their spouse or significant other and want to hook up with you and keep it undercover & within the family.
John: My sister in law told me she is starving for some dick. Said Bill doesn’t do it for her anymore.

Joe: Sounds like she is trying to get on the friends & family plan with you.
by The Fratriarch October 10, 2023
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