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fake socialite. not to be confused with socialite this person is known to be a part of fashionable high society because of his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained, normally socialites posses considerable wealth, but in all actuality they are poor, low to no class people that who have friends in high places.
socialite: did you hear that tiffany isnt actually rich she's been faking this whole time.
maid: so she's a fauxcialite.
socialite: exactly now fetch me something to drink, consuela.
by mcbillions May 04, 2009
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where the sufferer blindly engages in convos via text. sleeptexting is usually involves the person affected to randomly text as if awake, any memories of the sleeptexting episode cannot be recalled. it can affect people of any age. sleeptexters are a danger to themselves & others.
chick: you heard rod got chris brown'd ?
chick ii: what ? what happened ?
chick: he sleep texted koko & told her that he was sleeping with someone else.
chick ii: zamn, sleep texting is dangerous.
by mCbillions February 26, 2009
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boobs that tend jiggle when you move, usually occurs with DD's and higher.
zamnnnnnn, she got some nice jiggly bigglys i wouldnt mind playing with those.
by mCbillions February 14, 2009
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gay until graduation, the experimental phase in college.
girl: I dated a girl my freshman year of college
boy: awesomeeeeeeee
girl: im not into girls anymore
boy: you're such a GUG
by mcbillions May 04, 2009
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when random people befriend you solely for something in return, it starts with few ice breaker comments, and ultimately ends with asking a favor.
guy: damn ma, you sexy

a week later
guy: this is dope

two weeks later
guy: i own this
"comment spam"

three weeks later
guy: this is a fly ass pic can you make me one?

girl: why didnt you just ask for a picture instead of acting like you were my friend.
guy: can i get a pic made then?
girl: no i dont support myspace tricking
by mCbillions June 09, 2009
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a spoiled rich kid, with flawless features and is never denied anything. EVER. not well liked by females, may come off as a bubble head but is an intellectual genius, debutante and socialite. not to be fucked with.

or a person with over a billion dollars
hater: i wonder how much money she has.
hater two: like mcbillions
hater: more than that
hater two: im so jealous
hater: me too.
both: booohooo.
by mcbillions May 11, 2009
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the act of beating the hell out of someone then fleeing the scene, later possibly turning yourself in to the local police department.
ray ray chris brown'd tyneequa, because she burned him.
by mCbillions February 26, 2009
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