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gay until graduation, the experimental phase in college.
girl: I dated a girl my freshman year of college
boy: awesomeeeeeeee
girl: im not into girls anymore
boy: you're such a GUG
by mcbillions May 4, 2009
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where the sufferer blindly engages in convos via text. sleeptexting is usually involves the person affected to randomly text as if awake, any memories of the sleeptexting episode cannot be recalled. it can affect people of any age. sleeptexters are a danger to themselves & others.
chick: you heard rod got chris brown'd ?
chick ii: what ? what happened ?
chick: he sleep texted koko & told her that he was sleeping with someone else.
chick ii: zamn, sleep texting is dangerous.
by mcbillions February 27, 2009
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Shawn - I just got some from this bad lil shawty & she gotta twin
Chris - she a freak too ?
Shawn - hells yeah
Chris - doublemint twin freak FTW!
by mcbillions March 10, 2009
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an ugly female or male that uses nudes in hopes that they'll make them popular or better known.
khalil: have you seen her nudes
mike: no!
khalil: -sent
mike: she probably cool as hell with the lights off
khalil: yeah, she got them popular goodies
by mcbillions June 23, 2009
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another form of cyber sex, sex via text messages.
yae: i had text sex last night
wanda: girl i didnt know you were textually active.
by mcbillions March 10, 2009
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a discount you typically give your family and or friends when they ring up thru your register. most people ask for this discount even if they dont know you to save some money.
paprika: girl, guess how much i paid for these new kanye west kicks!
refrescola: how much girl?
paprika: $175
refrescola: aint they be $300
paprika: yeah, but i got a family & friends discount.
by mcbillions May 12, 2009
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fake socialite. not to be confused with socialite this person is known to be a part of fashionable high society because of his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained, normally socialites posses considerable wealth, but in all actuality they are poor, low to no class people that who have friends in high places.
socialite: did you hear that tiffany isnt actually rich she's been faking this whole time.
maid: so she's a fauxcialite.
socialite: exactly now fetch me something to drink, consuela.
by mcbillions May 5, 2009
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