A person who is being super salty extra.
Student: "How do snakes have sex?"

Teacher: *usually easy going and fun to joke around with, unexpectedly got really pissed off, replies in a way that showed he was extremely annoyed*, "Well, how do you think! With their penis!".

Student: "Yikes, sorry I asked. Stop being so paprika..."
by Word_master_creator January 8, 2014
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a complete and utter prick. there is none other more prickular on the face of the planet. Comprendez?
"Alan stole his cousin's car and got pulled over drunk whilst delivering four stolen tellys to his mate's gaff, like a complete paprika."
by David Cowpell Downtrodden March 26, 2004
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when a girl is fingered.
"What did you guys do last night?"
by hardon May 12, 2006
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A name for the lost that makes the invisble reappear. an attention getter
paprika?paprika? damn! no parika!
by sydnie December 20, 2004
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either something rilly tasty or something incredibly gay... depends on the context
That's paprika! :D vs.... That's paprika! >:O(
by beenie February 2, 2005
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When two guys spit in each others mouths, and then begin to kiss passionately.
If I'm salty and he's peppery, we about to paprika
by V Willy September 19, 2019
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Even worse then a ginger, A Paprika is a person with Brown hair and brown freckles, The paprika breed is known to have pale skin and no feelings
1.eww did you see that?

2.No what was it?

1. eww one of those paprika kids

2. Lets go make fun of him , he has no feelings anyways
by boywonder123321 December 20, 2009
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