a word you would say if not interested in someones conversation at all.
so i broke up with my girlfreind today" "yupp"........... "that doesnt even make sense
by stackattack January 6, 2011
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a code name for the act of smoking marijuana. a code name for being high. pretty much a code name for anything having to do with weed.
its 4.20 in the morning. i really wanna yupp.
by yup yuppin September 22, 2009
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A type of barking that a dog makes. It is not classically classed as a bark, but more as a high pitched version. It is more closely associated with small dogs.
Man #1: 'I don't like coming to this park.'
Man #2: 'Why?.'
Man #1: 'It has a lot of dogs that yupp and not actually bark properly.'
by wellsywest June 26, 2013
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Another word for the word yes but using it in a different and more exiting way.
Person:so you like cheese burgers?
Person 2:YUPP their my favorite thing to eat!
by Jakaylathoughts May 9, 2016
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the way you describe your emotions.
joe:"how are you feelin today?"
nick:"am feelin yupps"
by the best taco October 9, 2005
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to mean yes, yeah, or okay.
person 1: "Is Mr. Reyes a pimp?"
person 2: "yeah yupp!!"
by DE$iRAE August 14, 2007
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