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Kick ass little town. Highest boro in Pennsylvania, in more ways than one. When you are younger most kids grow up living on sports but then at an older age the town doesn't have anything for the youth to do after you are 14. Kids then either start drinking, doing drugs, or become musicians. Some do it all. Everyone wants to get outta the town and can't wait to leave but most come back when they are older to raise a family. Even though they hate the little town, everyone is close knit and love each other unlike the rest of the Hazleton Area. Even though they hate it they love it as well and have great pride in it.
hey dude let's get high.
u mean we r going to Freeland?
Yeah but we are going to smoke some weed too.

Apartment Party tonight or one in the woods.
It's in Freeland right?
Oh Yeah, no doubt.

Dude that kid is sick at sports, does he play for any of the school teams?
How come?
Doesn't like the coaches and they won't pick him because he's from Freeland.
by James Haraschak July 10, 2008
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