a person who studies and travels studying birds
used on the O.C season 3 gag reel:
Sandy: "Oh! and Ryan, our ornithologist....boy, he's got some birds for you!! Orthodontist!

Season 1 of the O.C.
Kirsten: "An ornithologist, that's so interesting."
Sandy: "Your here discussing the pigeon with Bob!"
by anonymous33 April 1, 2007
A "lady" who is very generous with her reputation but should be avoided like the plague. A well beaten track.
Dave: I tell you Nicola looks good today
Wayne: Nah mate, she's a seasoned ornithologist
Dave: Huh?
Wayne: She's seen a cockatoo in her time.
by slashdotat April 8, 2010
A precocious child learned in the science and art of child ornithology.
Guy 1: That kid really loves young birds.

Guy 2: Yeah, he's a child child ornithologist.

child ornithologist
by Rowdy "The Cell" Munson February 13, 2009