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When two people reach into a bag or bowl of popcorn at the same time, and their fingers touch. Thought to be the equivalent of "love at first sight", but only with popcorn.
"Yesterday, I went to go see the Hunger Games with Liam... We both reached for the popcorn at the same time, and... well, I could feel our popcorn connection!"

"Awww. You two must be made for each other! You have so much in common!"
by musickeepsmyheartabeating May 25, 2012

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An interjection used when one disapproves of something, similar to "fail".
A kid is playing soccer, and is about to score a goal. At the last second, he trips and does a faceplant in the mud.

Random person on the sidelines: Foul!
by musickeepsmyheartabeating June 18, 2010

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