For real. Really. Truly.

(Paired with different punctuations to express a wide range of expressions ranging from strong affirmation to ironic disbelief. See fer real, and indeed)

“For”, Old English word for For + “Sooth”, Old English word of Germanic origin meaning, “true, genuine, or real.”
Example 1:
Lo! Forsooth, get thine arse hither ere ye festivities wither down, brother!

Translation: Yo! Fer Real, get yo ass over here before da party ends, bruh!

Example 2:
Lo! Forsooth! Thy mother be so fat, orcs be callin’ her pork, knave!

Yo! Fer Real! Yo mama so fat, orcs call her pork, G!

Example 3:
Wing Commander: Alas, blindest she mine eyes with her radiant beauty; ne’er have I seen her equal.

Wingman: Forsooth, brother! Forsooth!

Wing Commander: Daaaamn, dat girl be so hot imma go blind! She ain’ like dem other girls.

Wingman: Fer real, bruh! Fer real!
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(Archaic interjection) Means "truth" or "tru!"
Verily, you have the book of the holy sacraments? Forsooth!
by Emilave January 15, 2003
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Meaning indeed, truth, or exactly.
The commies will most certainly begin our demise soon. This fact is none, but forsooth!
by soapdude September 9, 2011
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Any action or thought pertaining to sexual activities, particularly on the recieving end for the male.
Boy 1:Man im in desprate need of forsoothment!
Boy 2: Then call that hoe you know!
by danimus August 11, 2007
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i have no ide waht this means, i just wanted to post something
forsooth thou ist thunderation and gruity vretuit brezdy guitr poikler
by insert pseudonym heree November 2, 2020
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