Truly, certainly, confidently.

Note - Commonly misuse and/or misunderstood as Very much.
Do you want to watch that movie?
by Prusik April 13, 2010
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A a shortening of the phrase "very much so", even though there is no "ly" in the phrase. can also be used to mean "very much"

I want to maim you so verily, you have no idea.
by i0.antichrist January 7, 2006
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An Exclamation used to either affirm the preceding statement

or to imply the statement to be made immediately after has greater significance to the audience in question.
1."Last night was a bit hectic"

"yea verily"

2."Yea verily 'tis the hour in which to consume Lambrini"
by Randy Panda January 3, 2010
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"Yeah verily" is a supposedly medieval English expression denoting the positive response to someones statement or expression made. It was popularized in the comedy movie: The Court Jester -
Danny Kay in the comedy movie: Court Jester, used the expression - "Yeah Verily ...". It was a positive, humorous emphasis pinned after a statement made, with the idea of: Yes that's true, yes in agreement with the previous speakers statement. It has nothing to do with the "cheap expression" suggested earlier.
by WalshUSA August 14, 2009
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One of the most beautiful alcoholic drinks ever to grace the shores of this wondrous land
Verily-Cransberry: to speedrun the act of consuming amaretto at a pace only previously known to Lance Armstrong
by MasterEvski September 28, 2020
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