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Overrated douchebag who practices scientology and poisons today's youth
Tom Cruise is well-known and famous for playing the sexually-frustrated homosexual aviator "Maverick" in Top Gun
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Movie star who only uses 2 facial expressions in every movie he's in: smiling and not smiling.
Bad guy: I can see that your very upset.
Tom Cruise: You've never seen me...very upset.
by scuba steve January 21, 2005
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A person who will reduce themselves to doing absolutely ridiculous acts to avoid being labeled as a homosexual. These acts and publicity stunts do more damage to one's reputation than coming out of the closet would.
Tom Cruise danced around like a damn fool on the Oprah show, trying to convince us all that he just LOOOOVES Katie Holmes.
by TomIsCruisinInTheCloset June 21, 2005
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A Dip Shit. An advocate of the ineptly named Scientology (formed by an former science fiction writer), which chooses to ignore the sciences of Sociology and Psychology in order to please a few of its most wealthy contributors.

My psychiatric advice for Tom is that he should stick to mediocre acting in mediocre movies. Heres to you dieing of a drug OD sometime soon :).
Here we see Tom out of his natural habitat, doing a live interview with Matt Lauer. Notice how eloquent he is.

TOM CRUISE: No. No. Abs-- Matt, that is-- the-- post-- now-- now, you're talking about two different things.

Once more... Tom flexes his intellectual muscles.

TOM CRUISE: Okay. So, now you look at-- and you go okay. A-- a departure from that ideal scene is someone taking drugs, okay. And then you go, okay. What is the theory and the science behind that, that justifies that?
by Snappy June 25, 2005
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Slang for insane, insanity, gone crazy.
Did you notice how Katie Holmes dissappeared from the world for two weeks? She's gone totally Tom Cruise.
by Horsiest Q. Ravishing July 06, 2005
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A really crappy actor who is trying to promote scientology *see also fraud* but doing a really bad job of it. He has also been flipping out at everyone who does not agree with him.

"And you know, you always have to look at someone who criticizes you, you have to look at them and say, okay, so? Who is that person? Why? What do they know?"
-Tom Cruise

He is obviously a hypocrite too.
guy 1 - who's that guy freaking out on the news?
guy 2 - o that's Tom Cruise. He's an insane psycho freak.
by SkaSkankDownParty June 30, 2005
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