adjective - American, but possessing the positive qualities of some other nations while retaining few, if any, negative qualities.
Essentially nationally androgynous.
I ain't just regular American, I'm Fontaine, bitch.
by Santokucrusader July 11, 2008
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The world's sexiest man. Can do lots of hot voice impressions and accents.
" have you heard of that Fontaine guy? "
" yeah, didn't he die? "
by leaanastasia October 14, 2018
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Getting physically destroyed, or getting seriously injured by a person or in an accident.
Holy fuck did you see him get hit by that car? He just got fontained

A sentenced used in the movie the babysitter
by Mrfarty January 2, 2020
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v. to act so homosexual that it\'s &%$#ing ridiculous, but remaining completely and totally heterosexual.
1. While your friend randomly humps a sexy german boy you say,\"WTF!! That kid has been doing way to much Fontaineing lately.\"

2. Why do you two straight boys Fontaine so much?? Stop licking each other\'s nipples.
by Caleman and the Fontainer April 27, 2005
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I feel very fontain about the boy in red.
by Norhi May 11, 2017
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Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas
A commercial on the radio comes on with Darius Fontaine talking about facing your fears.
There is a myth about him that says "Darius Fontaine once made a man jump off a cliff, killing himself in the process."
Clues about this is found on the station "WCTR".
Lazlo to Darius-"Ah, Darius Fontaine! Look, I told you to leave me alone!"
"The Wild Traveler"
in a later conversation
-"Why am i here?"
-"I don't know. Why are you there? Where are you?"
"I'm on a cliff in verdant Bluffs. I wanna jump."
-"Oh, lonesome place. I'd jump if i were you." Etc.
by green-poo August 19, 2009
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Greatly underrated alt-country band from Portland, Oregon. Led by singer, songwriter and author Willy Vlautin, and performing thought-provoking ballads about life around the mexican border.
'Have you heard the Richmond Fontaine song "Westward Ho"? It's amazing!'

'I don't even know who you are, now get out of my living room before i call the cops.'
by Indie Nerd February 24, 2010
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