A hemorrhoid with many folds
Foids (Plural)

Hemorrhoids Folds
I developed severe foids after shoving a cucumber up my ass for week.
by Supsloot August 10, 2020
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Yet another slur used by incels to describe females/women because they can't get laid.

(See also: femoid)
These foids keep popping up out of nowhere like "buh muh feminism"
by Fox_Fire2552 July 3, 2021
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Derivative of feminoid. A foid is a militant feminist who hates men, but is constantly looking for a man to mooch off of or to support her and her eight kids.
That foid needs to get off public assistance and find a job.
by spunkjordan January 10, 2021
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Telling someone they are a foid means you are calling them an ass, asshole, or just that they have the big stupid. In order to show what you mean by it is putting emphasis on the F
For example:
"you foid" means big dummy or big stupid
"you Foid" means ass or asshole
by L30nKuw4t4 November 18, 2020
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shorthand for femoid, a pejorative used by incels to degrade women
by clown army September 8, 2019
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