"isaiah fucking hung himself"

by mxtthewsucks December 24, 2020
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1) a question, not unlike meh
2) a simple grunting noise made to substitute the use of any word that makes sense.
1) "where shall we go?" "buh?"
2) a: "want some tea?"
b: "buh"
a: "well...? is that a yes or no?"
b: "buh!"
a: "yes...?"
b: "buh"
a: "what the hell does "buh" mean?"
b: "buh"
by Ant McEwan October 10, 2004
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derives from word boy,
used by the old blokes in the county of northamptonshire mainly in the rushden area!
"nt bad buh ow r ya?"
"yh safe as fuk buh!"
"kl buh kl buh."
by Craig McAloon November 25, 2007
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used as a pronoun to replace sumones name
yo buh, wutsup?

translation: yo, (john), wutsup?
by eleanor humperstein! August 29, 2007
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Idiot> "Look, man, I finally got scripting to work under OS X!"
Me> "...... Buh."
by Stimar April 26, 2003
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a hawaiian term used as a synonym for "Just Kidding!" or "I'm messing!"
"You know who is a cool guy? Lance Bass. BUH!!"
by Flintstone3 April 3, 2007
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