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To make sexual advances on a female that is under the influence of alchohol, while you two are under the influence of alchohol. Usually referring to the receival of oral sex.
did you just see that chick???

yea dude, I'd totally fodor her
by a-cab November 03, 2010
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To give someone a blow job at a party where the blower is heavily intoxicated and the blowjobee is sober.
Guy1- hey I heard Shelby fodored some guy at a party saturday

Guy2- Yeah but it was only for like 2 seconds.
by Satann December 24, 2010
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One who resides in one section of the band and totally screws it up. This so called "Fodor" always marches wrong and is never in step. People in the band and consequently in his section hate him. He also overuses the word "yeah" quite often. See fodoram
That stupid Fodor, he ruined our entire show!
by Si Senor Sabate October 23, 2006
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The abuse of ones mental abilities to take advantage of others (preferably women) while they are intoxicated, to gain favors; Such as sexual pleasures.
I heard you pulled a fodor last weekend?
by bAbY RuTh 013 November 04, 2010
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1. One who bears red hair
2. One who can be called a nerd or a geek.
3. One who seems to download random things when bored.
4. One who is a paradox in most everything.
5. One who enjoys killing people in laundromats, bath tubs and other places.
6. One who enjoys winning.
7. One who takes gaming seriously
8. One who becomes bored very quickly, which can be cured easily by putting something infront of him that either projects flames or shoots bullets.
9. One who likes to sleep.
10. Someone with lucky numbers: 7, 111, and 362.
11. One who kills an average of 30 people per night. Taking a pill called Zanoff's can reduce this number down to 10 people a night. The only side effects is a possible painting of the face and an obsession with axes.
Someone who is a Fodor might say, "I WIIIIINNNNNN!"

A Fodor might randomly sing lyrics to songs by Insane Clown Posse such as, "MURDING, MURDING, MURDING, FUN!"

God, your such a frieken Fodor, why the hell did you have to go and kill those people!
by D-Will October 07, 2005
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