"Ayo did you hear about Epstein killing myself"

"That's FN hoe"
by 420MOOD69 April 22, 2020
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That was the craziest f'n thing i've ever seen.
by dicesha April 23, 2008
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Fares Nedhal
is that a bird?
is that a plane?
wait its FN!
by kn8t November 27, 2019
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a.k.a. fortnite, a free to play battle royale based game where players try to survive until they are the last player in the server.
via giphy
by kevinosborn03 January 29, 2018
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Noun. Abbrev-Free Nuts. When your not around your old lady or anyone that will snitch on you about what you say or do
Chris-"hey man I got this chick I wanna tell you about, do you have M.N's(Married Nuts) on right now "

Derreck-"nope, I got my F.N's on, tell me all about that bitch"
by Derreck Lewis February 04, 2010
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a more polite way to use the work fcuk, taken from the slang of white people
leroy did you see that f n white girl over there she had an ass like a black girl.
by bert2 January 22, 2006
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