1. The most embarrassing way to end a phone conversation. Ever. Pioneered by nerdfighter John Green.

2. An expression of hope for another's welfare.
"And then, when it came time for the phone call to end, they were like, 'All right, well, take care, talk to you soon,' and I said 'Best wishes!' Best wishes?!"
by valerie2776 June 12, 2008
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(Mostly) Passive aggressive for "I hope you die tonight for what you've done that caused me extreme anger". Other variants are "Wish you all the best", "Best of luck", or anything along those lines.
Here's an example of where "Best Wishes" might be used:
I appreciate you looking after the house while I was out, and I loved how you cleaned it, but I have noticed a few of my items are missing. I am not accusing you of stealing, however, it would be nice if you could tell me where you had my great-great-grandfather's time keeper, as it is very important to my family. I have looked every possible place for it to be, yet I haven't seen it.
Please tell me where it is, as we have a family reunion in a month, and I will hire you, but you must tell me where it is, as my family wishes to see what it looks like, and what the future holders of it will be given in the future.

Best wishes,
by TheOriginalHobo November 26, 2014
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Money sent or given to hookers by insecure men as payment for future sex

Honey, I won't be in New York until March 29th, so I am sending you 300 Best Wishes. So remember, I will be in NY from March 29th to April 6. Make time for me! Love ya'!
by Nancy Drew March 15, 2008
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What you say to someone when you are parting ways with them. Wishing them the best means hoping things work out like they hope.
“I just got kicked out of school man...”
Damn that sucks, sorry man. Best of wishes
by TwoThiryFour April 02, 2019
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