what i say when i constantly think of suicide
Boy: ugh finals week.
Girl : brb killing myself.
by verahnikah December 20, 2016
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The common quote said after one performs a blasphemous act, therefore embarassing him/her self.
George: Yo we're going the wrong way.. where's my house?

Non-Idiot: Your in it.

George: Oh god. Kill myself.
by Dr. Kremler May 9, 2009
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An alternate way of saying "I don't like this situation!"

The same as Kill Me, which is usually never taken in a literal sense and only used to express the frustration of a current situation.
Teacher: You got a ten!
Student: Out of ten?
Teacher: Out of two-hundred!
Student: Kill myself!
by Tippytom May 11, 2007
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something you shouldn’t do ☺️😘🤩😻💞✨💫🌞
mom said i shouldn’t kill myself, so as always i ignored her! 🥰
by human8819191981818188181 August 23, 2020
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Bianca: I wanna fucking kill myself
Bella: WHy?
Bianca: because i read quackitysmut

Lisa: I read it every night
Ami: BITCH!?
by binac March 28, 2019
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Person 1: Yo bruh u fenna kill yourself
Person 2: Yea Ima kill myself I cant take this shit anymore
Person 1: Damn bruh me too i'll meet you in hell
Person 2: Ight bruh i'll see u
by giveupkid June 12, 2022
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An expression/idiom for when one is overly amused with ones own humor.
Zeus: "Hades, you should take it easy or you'll work yourself to death. Hahaha, get it? To death! Haha, I kill myself."

Comedian: "Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9. Haha, I kill myself sometimes."
by chausies July 10, 2021
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