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eff-in, fuckin', fucking, etc. see fucking.
"fn word, cousin."
by Anonymous May 12, 2005
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Fabrique Nationale.

The developer of premier, hi-tech personnel firearms. FN has been popularly known to be the developer of the HP handgun (in association with Browning). But now FN will be well-known for being the developer of two revolutionary new weapons : the Five-seveN handgun and P90 submachine-gun. Both of these are chambered in the FN-made catridge of 5.7x28mm. This caliber is designed to be convenient like a handgun, but devestating like an assault rifle (these bullets have armor-piercing capabilities).
FN has also made the premier M249, which is a 200-round, 5.56x45mm NATO machine-gun. FN has also made the FNC ("Free Nation's Rifle"; it somewhat resembles the Israeli Galil, in fact borrows traits from it, among others) and FAL (the FAL almost resembles an H&K G3A3), both of which are little-known, kind of.

But my most favorite guns from FN are the Five-seveN and P90. ^_^
"FN makes FN-good guns. ^_^"
by Dave February 16, 2004
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Abbreviation for Fabrique National, a Belgian firearms manufacturer based in Herstal, currently owned by the French firearms company GIAT. FN is known for their line of high-quality and innovative weapons, with their most recent projects being the P90/Five-seveN weapons systems, and their newest F2000 bullpup assault rifle.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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a.k.a. fortnite, a free to play battle royale based game where players try to survive until they are the last player in the server.
I’m bored, who wanna play fn?
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by kevinosborn03 January 29, 2018
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a more polite way to use the work fcuk, taken from the slang of white people
leroy did you see that f n white girl over there she had an ass like a black girl.
by bert2 January 22, 2006
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