A phrase used to describe someone you dislike, a pussy, a weasel. Usually mentioned at the end of a sentence.

NOTE: this is NOT the same as "fuck boy"
Eric, you better pay me back this time. Fuck nigga!

Yo, I thought you had my back?! You a fuck nigga, forreal.
by smurfgang March 12, 2021
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basically a pussy or a bitch ass nigga, u say fuck, as in gettin fucked in the ass (like a pussy or a bitch)
Troy swung on that dude wit his back turned then he ran off < FUCK NIGGA
by Chane March 04, 2007
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A pussy ass nigga who talks shit, or does stupid shit, and deserves to get punched for their stupidity and/or bitchness. A bitch boy that does nothing but try to scheme, fuck and play underage girls because no one his age or older will ever fall for his fuckboyness.
How old is he? (19) how old is his babymom Babymom? (17) Oh he a fuck nigga.
Do not call Jordan when you need help, he's a fuck nigga.
by PettyPrincess November 02, 2015
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"Fuck nigga" comes from the phrase "fuck boy", meaning someone who gets raped while in prison.

Usually used to describe someone who pretends to be a thug in order to impress others, but can't keep up the persona when out of their normal surroundings
I knew that boy would snitch, he ain't nothin but a fuck nigga
by Jules Kilp May 21, 2006
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A fuck nigga is a male who carelessly spreads himself around sexually with many people including same sex partners. He will sleep with just about anyone male, female, young, old, fat, skinny, fine or ugly and usually it's only for his personal game gain or a come up.
Yooo, I can't believe I let that fuck nigga get the cookies. I heard he has smashed everyone in town.
by CarmaisRed March 01, 2019
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a fuck nigga is a nigga who constantly keeps his girl upset. Doesn't give her anything in return. Lies to her, doesn't keep it real. Doesn't support when support is needed from him. Isn't the type you come and talk to, exposes, humiliates his woman. But claims he "loves" his woman. Does things over and over,
by Amanilolo May 21, 2015
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A boy who pretends to be a man and about something but after he gets what he wants he does the switch up .. Strong possibility he will switch up before receiving what he wants
I fell in love with a fuck nigga.
by NikkiDee May 03, 2015
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