Fake news is a piece of news which has been distributed by a news organisation which contains some form of dishonesty, typically to promote a political agenda. Fake news can be broken down into a number of categories, which are:

Outright lie - The news piece contains a claim which is objectively false.

Lying by omission - the deliberate exclusion of information from the news piece which is critical to properly understanding the situation.

Lying by structure - the deliberate positioning of critical information at the end of a news report, resulting in many people not actually hearing the full story.

Selective outrage - deliberately reporting on a event which supports a particular political narrative, while ignoring similar events which would go against the desired narrative.

Emotive appeal - structuring a news piece in such a way as to attempt to emotionally manipulate the audience instead of focusing on the facts of the situation.

Hidden retraction - a news organisation will make a claim which is false, and then correct their original statement in such a way that fewer people will see the correction than saw the original news piece.
"This news channel is fake news, they are always lying and being dishonest!"
by Phoenix797 June 26, 2018
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When a person of interest blatantly lies to ur face
Brad: “babe ur so pretty”
Liz: “thats fake news.”
by Lizuca January 16, 2018
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A technique used by dishonest journalists where they exaggerate, sensationalise, slant or cherry pick for the sake of making headlines or propagating a certain agenda (usually) without ever actually lying. Journalists also sometimes cut, rearrange or take out of context what has been said by a spokesperson, sometimes using questions to invoke the desired response. The BBC, NBC and CNN love fake news. It is their bread and butter.

Using this term for satirical or alternative news should be avoided as this can dilute its effectiveness in calling out real fake news. Although similar, fake news shouldn’t be confused with misinformation as that refers to the spread of unproven, unreliable or otherwise poorly researched information rather than the purpose driven distortion of facts that is fake news.
BBC fake news headline: Trump says inject Detol into your veins
Actual story: Trump suggests doctors look into the effect of sunlight and heat on viruses
by 1Head April 25, 2020
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Real news that is perceived as being critical of a fake president.
If the news isn't saying anything positive about Donald Trump then some racist will label it as fake news.
by TRE45ON August 18, 2018
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Noun: A fabricated truth typically found on Donald Trumps twittter feed.
@realdonaldtrump "we will make Mexico pay for the wall.".
@realdonaldtrump. " I have done more in my first two years as POTUS. than any other president."
@realdonaldtrump " I am the smartest president ever."
Fake news is very easy to detect.. Just wait for Donald Trump to open his mouth.
Donald Trump uses fake news to feel smart and important whenclearly he is an unloved idiot.
by Please make America great agai January 28, 2019
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The twisted way that rednecks, trumptards, and children born of incest justify being so damn stoopid.
Rednecks and trumptards can ignore global warming, Trump's lies, animal extinction, and the teachings of Jesus Christ because to them, it's all fake news.
by Littlehandsdonniedotard July 10, 2018
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