When a dead body collides with the ground at a high velosity. When getting hit with an expliosive in a video game or movie, when the body hits the ground it is called a "flump"
Player 1: shoots rocket
Player 2: *blows up*
Player 1: Oh dude you just got flumped
by slurpeeaholic September 25, 2003
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Something that is bad/not cool. It covers much more than just ugly or gross, because it can be used for anything bad.
"Bro, that shirt's flump. Get a new one man."
by BucketTeam23 February 27, 2014
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I'd flump her/him for one!
I'd d her/him for a flump!
i want a flump!
by smillsy July 20, 2005
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To shag, or indeed attempt to shag, a fat person's navel.

Not to be mistaken for the much loved pink/white marshmallow treat. Although it is not inconceivable to try and combine the two.
Get a load of her! Get me a night of flumping in there i reckon.
by The Jolly Mr Poo November 15, 2010
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The action of letting out your gut after the fine chick has just walked by.
by bread infection December 05, 2009
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A wet fart, usually the noise accompanying a follow through.

(verb)To flump
The act of flumping
Ok, own up, who did a Flump??

I flumped and had to change my underwear
by the dreamster January 21, 2004
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A flump (fl-uh-mp) is generally used to describe a woman, whom at first glance, is considered to be very unattractive/ undesirable, ugly, disgusting, and mostly someone whom you would not sleep fuck with. However at a second glance, nearly immediately after the first glace/ initial reaction, you have a sudden realization that you would indeed still have sex with her and/or "wouldn't kick her out of bed".
"That girl last night was a Flump for sure ."
"Your sister is a Flump surrounded by trash ass bitches."
via giphy
by SICINFESTATION March 03, 2018
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