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One of the three most acclaimed nu metal bands out there (the big three being Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Drowning Pool). The more die hard fans will swear up and down that it is straight metal, but let's get real people.
Drowning Pool is the Nirvana of the nu metal scene.
by The Gecko March 29, 2005

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The nasty emo step-child of nu metal. It is the bands trying to bridge the gap between Mudvayne and Madonna. They think they can be emotive and whiny while still being rock. They are wrong.
Moron: I hate nu metal. Nickleback is for losers.

Me: Nickleback is whinge rock. You're a moron.
by The Gecko March 29, 2005

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An awesome Christian hardcore rock group. It has four members who have stuck by it from the beginning, even though their names have changed now and then.

They have four albums (in chronological order):

Project 86
Drawing Black Lines
Truthless Heroes
Songs to Burn Your Bridges By

The best album is Truthless Heroes, which has an almost cult like following in the undergroud that completely transcends the bands popularity.

And whoever said that the latest album was the hardest needs to check what's in their crack pipe, because as with almost every hardcore band, the first album was the hardest. Drawing Black lines probably ties with Songs for the tamest album, but neither are by any stretch mellow.
Random Kid: Hey, this says Project 86's drummer is named Hatchet!

P86 Fan: Yeah, he used to have a real name, but they completely disregarded the deep occultic truths of Truthless Heroes and sold out to a vast corrupt media system.
by The Gecko July 14, 2005

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Nu metal is the logical evolution of the metal of the 80's. It is just the classicfication for those groups who couldn't decide between the Backstreet Boys and Metallica so they created a bastardized version of both.

That having been said, nu metal is the logical progression of music, that all those products of the 80's and regressionists out their like to scapegoat because, let's face it, Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden went the way of the dodo and they're still pissed. Here's a newsflash: Alice is gone and Slipknot is here. I don't care if you like it, but deal with it. Go into a dark room, put on your Stryper and leave the people who want to move on with their musical lives alone.

Here's another thought for you, the Eagles fans hated it when Metallica came around. They said it was a perversion of their music. You're just a natural repeat of a needless anger.
Nu metal may not be old metal, but it is here to stay. Move on with your life.
by The Gecko March 29, 2005

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see Democrats

The Democrats have about 10 words in their vocabulary which they all repeat ad nauseum.The rest of the english language they misspell.
Democrats are "neo" nazi retards who erode the shit out of your rights.
by the gecko August 12, 2004

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To recieve felatio whilst taking a dump.
I was flumping that Doris last night.
I was on the Gary getting flumped.
by The Gecko January 19, 2004

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In any media, the process by which one expresses an intangible message in a tangible form.
The Mona Lisa isn't a woman, it is an expression of an emotion. That is what makes it art and not history.
by The Gecko October 14, 2005

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