When you cannot get an erection but shove your cock inside the vagina or anus any way to have sex.
I was so drunk I was just marshmallowing her.
by Taverna scotiatoastie November 5, 2015
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when a person consumes so much alcohol they gain marshmallow like qualities such as limpness of the body and penis, mellow attitude and tendency's to become weak in warm surroundings leading to vomiting and releasing of the bowls causing stickyness.
girl 1: how did things go after the club last night?
girl 2: i got him into bed and he marshmallowed on me.


guy 1: i was so drunk last night
guy 2: you were totally marshmallowed
by mmmmdaly January 19, 2012
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Nickname for a person who loves sweet potato pie, per Bob's Burgers
Louise: Why is your name Marshmallow?
Marshmallow: 'Cause if you show me a sweet potato pie, I am on top of it.
Louise: I knew it!
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 17, 2018
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The manliest food in the world.

It's squishy. Often white.

Contains sugar and gelatin.

Tastes like heaven.

Used for the game "Chubby Bunny"
Mats: I like to eat marshmallows.

Lisa: Geez, you're so manly.

Xavier: Hey, wanna play Chubby Bunny?
Shay: Sure, I'll go get the marshmallows.
by awkward palm tree July 18, 2012
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when you have a crush on someone and you don't want to say there name in public.
"oh look, marshmallow is over there!"
by char2304 December 1, 2016
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