A word that means more than love. The truest form of endearment.
I Flump you. I Flump you with all my heart.
by Dante6969 February 27, 2018
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A phony baseball metric which is an acronym for Femoral Leverage Under Max Pressure.

Many genius baseball minds within the league use FLUMP, as a way to discern which pitchers which eventually become injured or innefective throughout the course of a season, or a career.

Mike Rizzo, Billy Beane and Rick Peterson are a few FLUMP's largest proponents.

It is the most esoteric of all the sabermetrics to be sure.
Billy Beane did not feel that Bartolo Colon's upcoming free agency would warrant a new extension due to Colon's rapid decline in FLUMP. Lack of femoral leverage results in a lack of dollars offered within the Sabermetrician's inner circle.
by Heinrich138 November 21, 2015
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This word can mean absolutely anything. It can be used as any part of a sentence. Variations of 'flump' can include the following: 'flumped', 'flumping', 'flumper', 'flump out', 'flumped out'. Basically, there are no rules governing this word.
Would you like to flump out this evening?

I just flumped from New York City to Philadelphia.

I've been flumping a new jacket today. I like it.
by jewcb_42 January 25, 2011
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To prank someone by sneaking up behind them while holding the bottom of your shirt, jumping, and rapidly forcing your shirt over their head and off again before you hit the ground.
Did you see that? Jake just flumped Abhi so fast Abhi didn't even see it coming!
by 3nd3r May 13, 2010
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To have sex with a non-erect penis, just like a flump
i had a mad flump last night, didnt even get a hard on :-o
by flumpage January 24, 2009
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A synonym for 'dance'
i was flumping at the club last night.
Beyonce sure knows how to flump.
by Taylor Swan May 30, 2008
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