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Main Entry: psyched
Variant(s): also psyched /'sIkd/
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): psyched;
To be excited or pumped up about something.
I'm soooo psyched about the party.
by random hero June 25, 2003

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1) an animated character with human like traits
2) an animated film in which "cartoon" characters perform
i saw that cartoon show yesterday
by random hero February 19, 2003

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very expensive/beautiful wheels that have an extra disc mounted on bearings around the rim that give the appearence of the tires spinning faster (when moving) and the tires still moving (when stopped)
check out that escalade with those spreewells!
by random hero February 19, 2003

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Slang word for a penis
He stuck his love length inside his partners bum hole
by Random Hero March 02, 2005

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a person who in fact is the worst waste of life ever. a true specimen will spit while drinking a beer and having a fat dip in...
shadandawa should change her name to "Douchey Mcdoucherson".
by random hero March 27, 2005

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one who is a punk
ie; a sore loser, a loser, or a stingy bastard
just let me borrow a dollar punk-ass bitch
by random hero February 19, 2003

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An amusingly ginger person.

Usually seen in the vendors with the crew of 'fat' sixth formers.

Also seen mocking phil or poking sheldon regularly.

Genius at programing.
'Hey theres karrde....*FLUMP*....Oh he's gone'
by Random Hero February 06, 2004

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