The two pink squishy balls between a mans legs. Men find it highly pleasurable when these are gently stroked, sucked or fondled, however, they become agitated when they are in danger, and may even kill in order to protect them.
James liked putting dog food all over his flumps and inviting his dog to lick it off.
by wyli July 14, 2005
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The sound made when clean fine linens, precisely folded, are dropped flat on the floor from about knee height.
I heard a flump and I knew without looking that the maid had brought clean sheets.
by Gludge December 14, 2011
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Sound occuring when a grenade is launched from an AR rifle.
See comic books.

See XIII on the X-Box
by Random Hero February 02, 2004
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To fall. Another term for sex. Noise something makes.
Did yall flump? What the flump was that? That thing just flumped on the ground
by Will Vercetti May 03, 2009
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used when decribing someone who looks like a flump. a small cute furry ball of fluff originating in the british television show "the flumps"
"You're such a flump"
by Electronicxtacy December 04, 2008
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