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A cobscottle is a device of wood or wire and cloth that is used to frighten horses.
He pulled out a cobscottle and their horses stampeded.
by Gludge November 12, 2011

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A cute, shapely pudgy girl.
I met this great little squnch at the party last Friday.
by Gludge October 25, 2013

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A clotan is made of the skins of such small animals as mice and bats, averaging about a foot long by four or five inches wide, and is worn as a badge of status or achievement by members of certain tribes.
The chief stood at the head of the council, looking distinguished in his ceremonial headdress and his clotan.
by Gludge January 18, 2012

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The sound made when clean fine linens, precisely folded, are dropped flat on the floor from about knee height.
I heard a flump and I knew without looking that the maid had brought clean sheets.
by Gludge December 14, 2011

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