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A true born and raised native of florida,not really thought of as a real southerner by our other southern counter parts,but if you live in florida and not belive the hype you will see true floridians are southern as hell,and do take pride in it,but real floridians dont call there selves that only old a** snowbirds that live here call there selves floridians "They wish" but thanks to lame a** northerners moving down here floridians are loseing there native culture and southern accents,but there are also true southerners in the southern part of florida to. believe dot!!!
tourist: were are you from?
floridan: miami shawty!
tourist: oh im a floridian to i've lived here two years.
Floridian: naw baby, you live here! but you damn sure aint from here!
by Chrissyfbaby June 06, 2007

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