Person 1: “Remember that girl Lily?”
Person 2: “Yeah she’s the biggest F.L.O.A.T in the school dawg.”
by Linkmon69 April 29, 2019
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the term float first originated as a misspelling of fleet, in an Age of Conquerors game, however it very quickly caught on.

since then it became the way to express whether a water had good fish (good float) or bad fish (bad float), whether someone was not going water at all (p3 no float). on land maps it is used in place of 'win' and 'do well' and just as a general good luck slogan.
BuzZ_TheViper: p1 where u
BuzZ_sletten: i die..
BuzZ_TheViper: man p1
BuzZ_TheViper: u sux
_Ares_: p1 no float...
by p1nofloat April 04, 2011
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Borrowed Or Paid To Use for a Specific Amount of Time.
That white lamborghini isn't his, that shit was just floated.
*Logan Paul Disstrack Reference*
by r3al 1ne August 08, 2017
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Someone who likes to be pleasured with whipped cream.
Stacey's a float. Last night we went through seven bottled of whipped cream, it was hot.
by gruetzmacher October 23, 2009
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v. to go fast
esp. as in cars
If I had a Camaro SS, I could float everywhere.
by Cosmic Truckaz October 17, 2003
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A polite way of saying go fuck (off/yourself).
I don’t care what Claire thinks, she can go float herself.
by Jaha100 May 05, 2018
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