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When, in sexual intercourse, one makes a wrong move, ie, a slap on the ass, and the partner is appauled. They then stop all ensuing action.
"When I asked her about eating a sandwich in bed last night, it was a total balk."
by the product December 4, 2005
Verb. To make fun of someone loudly and obscenely. A beak does not have to be sarcastic as much as it has to be rude, and loud.

Often executed from a moving vehicle to a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Can also be down to girls, but is not necessarily sexual.
"I beaked the Bulk so hard he was in tears by the end of the 2nd period"


From a car:
"Kill YOURseeeeeeellllfff!"
by the product September 23, 2005
A 24 pack of beers. Not to be confused with the cube. The 24 pack is the bitch cube because only a true bitch chooses it over the 30.

When the party gets broken up before you can drink a substantial amount.
"What a bitch, only hauling around 24 beers to the party last night!"

"It was such a bitch cube night last night man, the party got broken up before my 25th beer!"
by the product September 14, 2005
Chilling, hanging out, cooling down after a gongshow.
Guy #1 "After that broad we tag teamed last night, we was lampin' for hours just holdin' our testosterones!"
Guy #2 "Gross man, did not want to hear that."
by the product August 29, 2005
From unshaven pussy, 'bush league' refers to anything that is below an acceptable standard.

The expression refers to the fact that you would not want to have anything to do with a hairy cunt, and therefore, it's in a league of it's own, where you rarely want to play.
"That party was so bush league."
"I know, and you said it had gongshow potential!"
"I was wrong, but at least I puked."
by the product September 19, 2005
Your group of friends.
"What are you doing tonight buddy?"
"I don't know, the roster's empty. Bill's at the lake, Seabass is out with his wifey, Shaun is just a loser now, and Ciggy called a dragon slayer without me."
by the product September 14, 2005
A synonym for hawking, but used more often to indicate when a guy is checking out a girl.
"D'you have your seatbelt? on"
"Yeah, buddy, that cop was hawking us.
"What? Hawkin'?"
"Yeah, you know, like, eyeing us, as a hawk eyes his prey."
"Oh, you mean like, Puberty Boy'ing !"
by the product December 4, 2005