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When, in sexual intercourse, one makes a wrong move, ie, a slap on the ass, and the partner is appauled. They then stop all ensuing action.
"When I asked her about eating a sandwich in bed last night, it was a total balk."
by the product December 4, 2005
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Afterdrunk - n.: The state of having drank the night before, experienced being drunk, and then somewhere in between sleeping, drinking water, choking down a perogy and throwing up, the room starts to spin, and you feel all the sensations of originally being drunk. (Minus out that wrench in your stomach and you could actually feel good about it).
Guy #1 "I was so afterdrunk in the AM that I actually told my girlfriend I'd take her to dinner."
Guy #2 "Let's hit the bar before lunch."
by the product July 22, 2005
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When, at the start of the night, all the guys put money into a pot, and decide to go for the dirtiest of dirties. At the end of the night, whoever got with the filthiest girl wins the pot.
"This party is going to be pure dirt from Uptown."
"Better call a Dog Fight!"
by the product August 23, 2005
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Used to indicate when you don't really remember what happened and you're lieing.

Is most useful while around people who have never heard it before and are asking for last night's story.
"So then Seabass was all 'I've been known to enjoy a fine martini!'.. Of course, this is all loosely remembered".
by the product November 29, 2005
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A 30 pack of beers. Usually the best buy. Don't confuse it with the bitch cube.
"John bought a cube last night and wouldn't let anyone have a beer, but after his 15th he was so fucked that I just stole a bunch."
by the product September 14, 2005
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Any group of girls that aptly fit the term dirty.

Usually see in murderous packs at parties.
"Oh shit, check out that group of dirties that just lamped in!"
by the product September 14, 2005
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A totally badass Quebecois terrorist group who shoved a huge stick up the Federal Government's ass in the 1970's. They kidnapped trade minister Pierre LaPorte and some British diplomat nobody cared about.

Their Manifesto of '79 rivals only that of Karl Marx.

The FLQ are generally known to have become active after the famous words, "Vive le Quebec libre" were spoken by De Gaulle on a Montreal balcony.
"I was taught pure conservative bullshit about the FLQ in high school. They made them sound like a bunch of crazy fucks, when they really just wanted basic civil rights for Quebec."
by the product September 14, 2005
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