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A synonym for hawking, but used more often to indicate when a guy is checking out a girl.
"D'you have your seatbelt? on"
"Yeah, buddy, that cop was hawking us.
"What? Hawkin'?"
"Yeah, you know, like, eyeing us, as a hawk eyes his prey."
"Oh, you mean like, Puberty Boy'ing !"
by the product December 04, 2005
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Your group of friends.
"What are you doing tonight buddy?"
"I don't know, the roster's empty. Bill's at the lake, Seabass is out with his wifey, Shaun is just a loser now, and Ciggy called a dragon slayer without me."
by the product September 13, 2005
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When, usually at the bar or a party, a guy (your buddy, unless your a total dick) goes for a broad, but you call out something that won't give him a chance. It's usually about an STD or him having a wife.

The opposite of being a wingman
"The Gil sewered seabass so bad at the bar last night!"

"I just fuckin', sewered the bastard when he went to pork my broad."

(At the bar) "Hey BUDDY? Have ya told her about your HIV?"
by the product July 22, 2005
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To express great interest in someone or something by looking at them.

Often, but not limited to, when someone suspects you are doing something wrong, illegal, unconstitutional.
When we pulled out infront of a cop today he looked us up and down a few times.

K asked "You got your seatbelt on?"

I said "Yeah man, but he was hawking us."


"Like, checking us out, eyes and everything.. Like a hawk"

"Oh, 'puberty boy'ing' us!"
by the product October 23, 2005
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To buy liquor for a party. To be the boot.
"I floated the gongshow last night, and no one even through a free mickey my way. I'll never boot for those girls again."
by the product August 29, 2005
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A totally badass Quebecois terrorist group who shoved a huge stick up the Federal Government's ass in the 1970's. They kidnapped trade minister Pierre LaPorte and some British diplomat nobody cared about.

Their Manifesto of '79 rivals only that of Karl Marx.

The FLQ are generally known to have become active after the famous words, "Vive le Quebec libre" were spoken by De Gaulle on a Montreal balcony.
"I was taught pure conservative bullshit about the FLQ in high school. They made them sound like a bunch of crazy fucks, when they really just wanted basic civil rights for Quebec."
by the product September 13, 2005
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