To finish something. To get the job done. Originated from To Float a Keg witch means to finish, or empty, the keg of its contents.
1. Lets all work together and float this job so we can go home and relax.
2. I do not want to talk about it anymore. This conversation is floated.
by T October 06, 2004
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The art of acting like your being productive at work when you're really doing nothing at all.

Float or Floating, is the term used when you see co-workers taking twice sometimes three times as long to do a daily task.

The act of floating is greatly increased on Fridays, when everyone is caught up with weekly duties and need to burn time.

Floating does not only have to be "looking productive", for example it can also be taking 20 minutes to use the bathroom, multiple trips to the drinking fountain and even excessive chain smoking.
Not much, ya know, just floating around at work waiting to get off
by dianeeeeeeee April 13, 2011
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hey reen, can you change a cnote, no problem because i always carry a float
by tuffpuff August 05, 2008
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oh shit!! check them out... theyre totally floating out there...look how close they are!
by floaters September 10, 2007
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(v.) For the founding members of a business to sell thier shares as a public limited company. While this brings in extra revenue, it means these people lose a little control over thier company.
I'm going to float the company next year.
by Gumba Gumba May 13, 2004
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