Bossman is a phrase used in London slang to define the man selling chicken and chips in the local chip shop around the corner.

It’s the same definition as Ock in nyc slang meaning the man selling food round the corner

Bossman is usually, Asian or Turkish or middleastern
Yo, bossman lemme get 4 wings and chips

Bossman how much is that meal?

Bossman dash a burger meal with a drink on the side
by Britsgalore May 16, 2019
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The most important title given to a person.

Is only given to those most worthy

This term can also be used to communicate between those under the bossman's reign to destroy the heretics during holy raids
How's it going bossman example 1
Bossman how do you switch races example 2 during the holy raid of sid the sloth
by DucksEatAtKFC July 06, 2018
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Owner of a chicken shop. They usually give you an extra wing if you are a loyal customer.
Bossman, Can I get 6 wings meal. Safe.
by Ashmate December 15, 2016
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A term used to describe a man, precisely God (a.k.a. Negusflex), that commands raids on various media pages. These raids can be observed on Instagram, Youtube, Twitch and other platforms.
Who are we raiding today? I don't know, let's see what bossman says.
by dwizzle25 July 19, 2018
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The battle cry uttered by the followers of the church of Negusflex. His followers are know to have the largest collective amount of big dick energy, excluding females, they have big tit energy. The church has destroyed enemies such as The Feminists and 6ix9ine. It is believed that all followers of Negusflex will enter an eternal state of orgasmal nirvana at the time of their death. HEIL BOSSMAN!

Bossman Incoming!

Bossman Blitzkrieg!

Heil Bossman!
by thiccbossman July 27, 2018
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A term used to describe a man, usually a superior or partner in the workforce, who commands great respect by his actions and presence, with no need for threats or cheep tricks. Depending on the person, could also be considered a badass
"Hey, who's the guy in the coat?"

"He's the Bossman, and I wouldn't get on his badside. I heard he once took on an entire street gang with only a car, his older brother, and a hammer, and manged to get away with only a totaled window."

"Wow, he's a badass!"
by Timothy C. Ouellette December 22, 2008
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A north face fleece wearing man doesn't agree with correct snooker terminology and is scared of the curry man.
Oi Bossman Nice ribbed jeans fella
by Nickludlow3000 February 08, 2019
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