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Being cheated out of belongings
I paid too much for the car. I got fleeced.
by James December 04, 2003
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Being given a choice between "The easy way" or "The hard way" A reference to the Meme-rapist Fleece Johnson.
Person getting fleeced "I'm withholding information"

Dominic "Fleece" Johnson "You're gonna tell me what I want to know or I'm going to walk in to their rooms and cut their throats in their sleep"

Person getting fleeced "......"

Dominic "Fleece" Johnson"Hard way it is. I've been more than patient."
by ImsaHoomanLookeme September 21, 2018
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groomed pubic hair see bush beaver
You did her? Was she fleeced?
by anon July 21, 2004
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