A code name for the dankiest buddah herbs on the streets.
Who Got The Flan?
by REAKSTER;ERKREW January 08, 2009
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damm, i gots to wake up and scratch the flan off my boys
by some white dude July 21, 2003
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the most fun, sweet, handsome young man that exists. Always smiling, always putting you in a good mood. Cares very much for his loved ones and will always be there for everyone. Very energetic and gets the best out of it. Three is nothing he is not good at. super charming and attractive. In addition to its beautiful appearance, he has a heart of gold. You are a happy person if you have a Flan in your life
Very proud to have a Flan in my life
by Sıla November 01, 2019
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Flan - A lan event that proves to be a flop and a failiure.
Alex had another flan because he didnt plan ahead.
by James teedeediddlyheee December 12, 2005
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Used to describe anything or everything. Was first used as a substitute for last names. Also short form for a group of misfits or gays.
"Who are those kids over there?
"Oh, nevermind them, they're flans!"

"What's his last name again"
"Let's just call him O'Flannigan!"
by Cornelius Mynock December 02, 2007
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