1. Pilot of a high performance fighter aircraft

2. Commonly annoying, boastful, loud, and extremely effective at their job

3. Have the best job in history
Civilian: You kill babies you fucker!

Zipper Suited Sun God aka Fighter Pilot: You say something you worthless toothpick?
*rolls in with 20mm canon and turns the worthless civilian into a cloud of pink mist, then drops a couple of 2000 pound bombs on them for good measure.
by A i337 guy February 9, 2012
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A military pilot who flies fighter aircraft.

Can be: a wild individual who isn't afraid to take risks and usually can put away a wide variety of potables.

A fun guy to have at a party.
Some of the best fighter pilots around are Marine fighter pilots.
by Athene Airheart March 21, 2004
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the sexual act of when a girl spreads her legs really wide while on her back (usually on a bed), the guy then jumps up and down in between her legs and when he finally gets enough height, he belly flops onto the chick hopefully landing his cock perfectly into the vagaegae.
Just like when a fighter pilot bombs Japan. :)
by Logie Wogie & M Shon March 11, 2011
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meaning to poop...sitting on the toilet and pretending to be a fighter pilot, dropping bombs into the ocean
are you ready to go?

yea just a sec, ive gotta go fighter pilot...
by asian_rep June 24, 2005
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one who, having consumed a considerable number of 'mick mills'(pills) and can be seen to be pulling 10 G's in a comical caricature of a fighter pilot.
i walked in the club and it was jammed with fighter pilots off their cakes.
by Simon September 17, 2003
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the hardening of the female nipple when subjected to cold weather, resulting in her studs resembling fighter pilot thumbs
'shes got nips like fighter pilots thumbs ya cunt'
by paddy farrell September 26, 2004
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the act of 2 men and 2 women running around the room making plane noises, you jump in the air with a full on rager. first one to blow their load (shoot down the enemy pilot) wins!!!
Went on a double date last night, ended with some mississippi fighter pilots.
by StephenVanderkolk August 28, 2011
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