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talking of a woman's vagina in a toned down sense.
some people find the word vagina disgusting but using the word vagaegae gets rid of this scenario as it seems nicer and not as harsh.
vagaegae is pronounced - VA-JAY-JAY
1 ) Mum - ".. and soon you might start getting blood coming from your vagaegae. this is called a period and completely normal"

2) Boy - "and then she whipped out her vagg and it was heavy rotten smelling man."
Pal - " hawhawhaw, pure foosty vagaegae"

3) Girl - "im worried about something in my .... vagaegae ...."
Doctor - " lets have a look"

4) Girl - " I'm worried about something. i mean i dont know if my .. vagaegae is normal "
Boyfriend - "Geez a swatch and i'll tell you "
by prominent bulge February 26, 2009
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