Military - The blood that comes out of a snipers target when he/she is hit. the blood appears pinkish over the distance and the quick burst of blood that comes out makes a misty effect.
I want the pink mist

The sniper got his first pink mist
by Numlock June 30, 2006
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Is what happens when a 150 grain 30-06 bullet strikes the forehead of a small white tail button buck.
A couple of back flips are involved when a pink mist is properly used.
by camera man December 28, 2007
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army language for a headshot cause by a sniper.
He wanted the pink mist so he went crazy and shot 4 civilians.
by omgykkyb April 17, 2006
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What happens when a person's body id blown up by a bomb.
He blew up into a pink mist
by Olufunmi May 27, 2008
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On the YT pod-cast "Gender: A Wider Lens" #51, "Clearing of the Pink Mist," Debbie Hayton introduces the term PINK MIST as a way of explaining what was going through "her" mind when her formerly male self decided to sign up for MTF gender-surgery. In summary: "I wasn't thinking. I was in a pink mist."
"Debbie Hayton has a lot of balls to come out and declare that her brain was off-line the day she signed up for girl-surgery. She just comes out and admits, "I wasn't thinking, I was in a PINK MIST." I just wish other pre-op trans-people would have the same insight into their trans-think as a temporary, delusional state of mind, and maybe talk to some clearer heads before making the big decision to un-gender themselves."
by Didaskalos January 28, 2022
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Gangster, underground rap crew from kansas city. founding members C-money and Double Bearyll under the label "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Records". this crew burst into the rap game with 2 hit albums: "Premature Annihilation" and "Drunken Rambles". Dont f**k with The Pink Mist.
guy 1-"The Pink Mist got a new track out"
guy 2-"whats it called?"
guy 1-"the nissan sent, man"
guy 2-"dang, c-money and double bearyll go hard"
by killsbury doughboy September 7, 2011
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