An annual event during spring quarter at UCSD. The one day of the year when the social scene at UCSD erupts, probably because it's been cramped up in the library all year, just waiting to explode. Students of all types emerge from the underground on this day. The campus is filled with fun booths, games, and activities for drunk students to engage in. Most students start to get fucked up as early as possible so that they can walk around campus all day trashed as fuck, pass out in the afternoon, and wake up in time for the concert at night. Students from other schools actually come to UCSD to celebrate Sun God because it is the one day of the year that UCSD is actually cool.
A - "How was Sun God yesterday?"
B - "So much fun"
A - "Really, what did you do?"
B - "I have no fucking idea"
A - "How was Ludacris in concert?"
B - "I dont know, I passed out before it started"
by sun god statue December 26, 2005
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May 6 a regular Friday night at UCSD is filled with the sounds of crickets in the hallways and the snoring of sleeping fatigued students in their dorm rooms. This campus that inhabits more than 30,000 teenagers with seemingly young souls ready to party creates less sounds and chanting of joy than a funeral home. With their exclusive parties the SD in UCSD might as well stands for Socially Dead. However once a year this moment of what seems to be an eternal silence is broken down by the annual Sun God Music Festival. It is that time of the year where UCSD students actually engage in human contact with another human being specifically trying to make money off of the free wristbands they received. This special day is when the word sobriety leaves each students pocket dictionary. All kinds of drugs could easily be seen in any random student’s system. Recently the festival has been divided into 2 stages. The main stage is where the bigger performers are usually seen which is filled with starstrucked students trying to get a closer look at the one and only popular artist on the line up. Meanwhile the dance stage usually has a few famous electro music artists filled with students gathered up in circles too fucked up on ecstasy (or not) to realize what they’re doing is not exactly shuffling. This rare event at this campus is a perfect opportunity for those bookworms to show what they are made out of and how many shots they could force into their body before they throw up (about 2)
Jake: whoa dude do you see that kid! he's busting some sick moves during Sun God?

Mike: nah dude, he's having a seizure.

Andy: oh man, i gotta throw up!
Joe: oh shit! we gotta make it inside Sun God. how much did you have to drink?
Andy: i haven't! i think i got food poisoning from Panda Express.
by Triton4Life May 18, 2011
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The merciless sun god who stares down upon civilians with his ambivalent and yet analyzing gaze. Just as humans act around apes so does the sun god act around mortals. His expressionless features convey a great understanding that our mortal minds cannot even hope to understand. It is said that if you gaze into the yawning abyss that is his eyes for long enough you may just return with an inkling if his vast knowledge and power. Is his presence a gift or some sort of weird lay line connection to an alternative universe?
Friend 1- “oh I’m Christian, what religion are you”.
Me-“I follow the path of the Merciless Sun God
by Cringemeat123 October 14, 2019
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An annual festival which happens once a year at University of California - San Diego (UCSD) during which students of the university engage in actual human contact, including talking to each other.
Did you check out Sun God last year? That shit was tight!
by alex December 2, 2003
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-The annual festival held at the University of California, San Diego since 1983. It has grown to become a full day festival with musical acts through the day (performing on what's now known as the Main Stage), student, dance, and comedy performances (performing on what is now the "Midway"), as well as an on field dance party (known as the Dance Tent). Major artists from 2010: Drake, Relient K, Thrice, Parson Red Heads, Michelle Branch, B.o.B, and the Z-trip.

This is a day that is known for it's alcoholic presence, although there is technically no alcohol offered at the festival. UCSD comes together to celebrate school spirit, as well take a break from the school year.

...and yes our festival fucking OWNS UCSB's lame ass Extravaganza.
Person 1: Hey, how was your Sun God Festival?

Person 2: FUCKING AWESOME. B.o.B was the shit, but I saw this one girl drop face first into the floor as she was walking into the towards the Dance tent. These people were running towards her to see if she was okay/ passed out, but someone spilled water on her and she just got up to walk back in and party!!
by Sun God Owns. May 19, 2010
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An annual festival which happens once a year at University of California - San Diego (UCSD) during which some of the student body consumes large amounts of alcohol
What time you start drinking at for Sun God?
by Robert January 22, 2004
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