One of good ways, precisely it's a drawing; to make somebody famous to look utterly ugly and idiot, even though they are so pretty or handsome in the real life.
Person1: Hey, what you're drawing?
Person2: Can't you see it? It's a caricature.
Person1: Hmmm, that's ugly. I cannot recognize who it is.
Person2: Well that means my caricature is good.
Person1: Who do you mean to draw tho?
Person2: Miley Cyrus.
Person1: Yea, she and this pic both look ugly.
Person2: :)
by damsel.cosmic May 5, 2010
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A term for a workplace colleague who generally behaves in an outwardly extreme manner, one who enjoys playing an exaggerated version of themselves.
Yeah, he becomes easily bored and when that happens, he’s off into his role as a total workplace caricature because everybody laughs and he gets all that attention!
by Dr Bunnygirl October 15, 2019
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A character portrait influenced by the exaggeration of unique personality traits exhibited by an individual.

Simplified: A character based off of the stuff that makes a person different from everyone else. Example:A lying, cheating ex might influence a snake in the grass or weasel character.
This Idiosyncratic Caricature of the president really shows the love he has for his hairpiece and winning.
by Eclectic Savant October 25, 2019
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