1. mythical being
2. supernatural; unreal; enchanted; strange; other worldly; able to see the future
3. quaintly unconventional; whimsical; unusual
4. possesing fairy like qualities
1. "Iron to bind the fey."
Dragon Bait by Vivian Vande Velde
2. The fey woman was a gypsy
3. She is so fey.
4. The child is fey, always dancing around in the forest.
by Untamed Chaos February 11, 2010
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Defines a certain unexplainable beauty. Gorgeous, sweet, enchanting. Physical attributes often near or past perfection.
Guy 1: Have you seen the new girl?
Guy 2: Nahhh

Guy 1: Her name is Fey
Guy 2: You serious?! The whole school is after her by now.
by lolamento November 08, 2011
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She who falls and sits anywhere inside a chatroom.
Everyone: Hello, Fey!
Fey: *sits*
by Watonearth May 28, 2020
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A shorter way to spell irony
"fe" = Iron
+ y = Irony
Guy 1: i really want to use some obscure word that no one know
Guy 2: like what?
Guy 1: Dude that was fey
by mr.foof December 22, 2017
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Are you going to the feis this weekend?

I have to get new shoes for the upcoming feis.
by Feisgirl900 January 21, 2011
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fairly gay, as applied to a heterosexual male with homosexual stereotypical traits
Just because your fiance has a shoe obsession and plucks his eyebrows doesn't mean he's gay; rather, he's fey.
by myname? April 08, 2003
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