Someone that is unbelievably beautiful, in personality and appearance, someone you would spend every waking moment with
by BigDaddy07 March 4, 2015
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Someone who is amazing, prefect and rare or hard to find.
She is so special that even in a crowd she could never blend in.
Arooba Batool is always gorgeous.
by Luqman Raza December 25, 2013
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Go look in the mirror
There's your definition 💜🌻
Cause you're gorgeous
by _.bxrxbxqxe._. April 20, 2019
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Someone who is beautiful beyond measure. Something to say when you feel that "sexy" and hot" are not tasteful and is rude. What a gentleman would say to a female, or female to male. Someone good on the eyes.
Megan k is very gorgeous.

Beautifulbeautiful gorgeous
by Thegent May 13, 2013
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you're absolutely gorgeous
becky: wow do you know who the most gorgeous person is?

sam: no, why?

becky: the person reading this right now.
by heyfam June 8, 2017
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"Steph is the most gorgeous person inside And out and Vic loves them a lot."
by VicStylinson March 13, 2016
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A person that defines Beauty!!!
Damm, you're absolutely Gorgeous!
by Yongbuk July 28, 2009
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