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Femine is a portmanteau of "feminine" and "vermin." Femine are women so low, so debased, they are willing to associate with almost anyone or anything, no matter how disgusting and degraded.
"Indulge me and I'll spoil you rotten. Real ladies, femine, elegant but dirty as hell, gagging for my spunk, ready to pamper me." Quote posted online 31 January 2006 by a person identifying as a "generous, intense man," with a photo bearing a striking likeness to British politician Peter Reynolds.
by Aunt O'Nim January 22, 2012
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A genetically deviant half-werewolf.
"...another one of those egotistical, genetically confused, half werewolf, half woman.... real ladies, femine, elegant but dirty as hell..."
by Aunt O'Nim January 23, 2012
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the new word for β€˜a woman’, which isn’t sexist and doesn’t include the words: male, man or lad
a femine was so nice to me earlier, she helped me reached something on the top shelf
by thatfeminist November 14, 2019
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