Failure to Effectively Manage Anything
Fema is clueless - There are people in the convention center?
by Big G Dawg September 11, 2005
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When your area becomes devastated, don't expect FEMA to know what to do.
by Victim2005 October 13, 2005
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FEMA stands for:
Example? Just watch the news and see how much fema fucked up in N.O!!
by xzybit September 24, 2005
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federal emergancy managment agence
FEMA was in charge of the oil spilll
by danial March 24, 2003
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According to Huey from the Boondocks, the leading cause of death among black people.
"Nigga moments" are the biggest killer of young black males, right behind pork chops and FEMA.
by knowsHowToUseEm January 2, 2006
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FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

Otherwise known to me as:

FEMA Forget Everyone, Mission Accomplished

Drove my Chevy to the Levy but the Levy was dry. Why? because FEMA came in and said things were A-OK.

"Forget Everyone, Mission Accomplished"
by Morenita Chinita April 2, 2007
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Fe·ma ('fE-mä)n 1: a steaming pile of feces 2: a U.S. government agency used to cause chaos in any emergency situation 3: mother of all clusterfucks
George W. Bush femarized the nation once again with his femarated decision to appoint a failed horse show manager to run FEMA.
by Cynical C September 7, 2005
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