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Grills, fronts, or other gold/platinum colored dental appliances worn by rappers, gangbangers or thugs.
Joe: Did you see that new set of nigga teeth that Mannie Fresh had in his video?
by xzybit March 1, 2006
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A car, usually early to mid 80's and made by Buick, Olsmobile or Catallac driven by the social underclass of the African American community(niggers).

Characterized by being unusually long and accesorized to the extreme: The rims alone are often many times more expensive than the car itself.
Police love to pull over nigger cars.
by xzybit September 22, 2004
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Attiude displayed by many underclass Black folks when things don't go their way, akin to acting Ghetto.
Shewa-wa and Nakia displayed much Niggertude when the cashier asked for ID to cash their welfare check in.
by xzybit July 14, 2004
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Keyshawn, lemme hold a pack of Nahlaters and I will get back at you tomorrow.
by xzybit July 12, 2004
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The ass kissing tribe in most major corporations. Also known as sheeple, gophers and brown nosers. Similar to the moteasa tribe.
Co worker 1:John must belong to the Amadoo tribe.
Co worker 2:what's that?
Co worker 1:Amadoo whatever Mr Jenkins tell me to do.
by xzybit October 18, 2007
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A term that used to mean a girl who wasn't fat or skinny, but was well proportioned, but s now to describe any plus sized chick who doesn't want to accept the term BBW or fat.
Melyssa Ford, attractive rap video girl is the true definition of thick, but chicks like Missy Ellioy, Jill Scott and Kelly Price classify themselves as thick too..
by xzybit June 19, 2005
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