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Like a Keli, but smarter and more sarcastic. Not to be confused with Feeny or Feen.
"My wife's a Feenie. She's going to be an ASTROPHYSICIST! Plus she's hot!"
by Kathleen Hurley September 04, 2004
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Mainstream, non-cool person. Usually a freshman in high school can be referred to as one of these. Usually are in love with hipsters, when the hipsters are annoyed as fuck outa them. Females who usually wear hollister or "The North Face" jackets. this derrogitary term is usually used when they join drama or chorus because they think it makes them abstract. It doesn't, they're just feenies. They usually have a good group of feenie friends who also wear the same clothes and listen to the same garbage music. Lots of them if you ever visit Monterey High School, in Monterey, California.
Hey dude, we should be feenie's for halloween. Okay lets get some ipod touches that our moms bought us and our mainstream clothes!
by Not_A_F@*#^&!_Hipster August 09, 2011
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The male organ of copulation and, in mammals, of urinary excretion.
"Dude, why is everybody laughing at me?". "It's because your feenie's poking out".

"I see you like her". "What makes you think that?". "By the looks of your feenie, I wouldn't doubt it".
by FuckTheSystem! April 08, 2010
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