High school students, or high schoolers, are people in their third metamorphosis stage. High schoolers rely on an intricate symbiotic relationship with one another involving homework and tests to survive High School, usually they start communication with phrases such as "Dude, did you do the homework?" or "We had a test today? Oh shit!" High schoolers usually form into herds or groups commonly known as cliques. Cliques are described by the type of High schooler that the clique consists of, such as; Jockeys, Gossip Girls, Geeks, and Groupies. It is not uncommon to see "lone wolves", which do not fall into any cliques, but are commonly feared as predators.
Back when I was a High school Student, I copied all my tests and homework off of my friends.

High School Students are always stealing my tests before the exam! ~ Unfortunate Teacher
by istnir February 06, 2012
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A school full of mean ratchet bitches and guys that have no balls half the kids there will never do anything with there life besides doing drug and working and local strip club and after there say of doing nothing they will go home and post on there social media about how they making banz
by Hoesville February 01, 2017
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A school full of students who think they are better then everyone else, 95% of which do drugs. A school that allows over 85% of its students to get undeserved A's thus allowing 85% to go to college...however only 6% of them will graduate from college, the other 79% will live at home with mom and talk about how cool they were high school.
Tim: hey jimmy whats with white bear being all crowded right now?

Jimmy: Well Tim the first semester of colleges are ending so all the former White Bear Lake High School students flunked out....whats new?
by 2goodFoDis January 19, 2009
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A word used to refer to any students in Vietnamese from grade 10 to 12, esp. grade 12 (i.e. 17 years old). They are expected, by both their parents, peers, teachers, strangers and their Ministry of Education alike, to be human beings with extreme studying capabilities; includes but not limited to, these feats:
- Being able to study any subject(s) in a curriculum of 15+ subjects at an extreme high level, such that they MUST score 10 in National Examinations and any and ALL of its equivalents. Grades below 10 are NOT accepted by any way.
- Are so obedient that do not dare to say a word about MoE's recent changes.
- Are so confident in their skills, knowledge that, become totally inert to any changes made by the Ministry of Education.
- Are innocent enough to not know that MoE's livestream at 8:00 PM GMT+7:00 is a scripted re-run.
- Are very versatile that their 12 years of studying experience can factor into any jobs they like.
"That guy literally is a straight-A student in any subject in our curriculum! What monster is this!?
Must be a Vietnamese high school student."
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