expensive type of jacket that yuppy young men and women wear as a way to:
1) make a statement that they're rich.
2) keep very warm, since they're good jackets.

I prefer wearing mine for the second reason, but hey, #1 isn't all that bad...
Holy crap! He's wearing a North Face jacket! I have to go touch him and attain wealth!
by KyleW March 14, 2005
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The North Face, also known as, the "white man's J's" (Jordan Sneakers), is a company which produces outdoor goods of superior quality. That is undeniable. The North Face brand is often worn by people of all social stratifications to emphasize their wealth, conformity, and feelings of financial superiority; unless worn by actual adventurers or people who truly value the quality of The North Face products.
Hiker: I see that we're both wearing the same North Face fleece and Zippo lighters. I take it you like hiking as well?

Douche: Hold on, someone is calling me on my Blackberry.

(Yes, I know this example was already posted by 'birdandbee', but this is the perfect example describing typical The North Face wearers.)
by austinfromaustin January 30, 2010
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The other definitions for The North Face are wack... These retarded people have no idea what they are talking about. The North Face is actually an outdoor equipment and apparel company founded in 1968 in San Francisco, CA. Their products are of very high quality, and are well worth the cost. They make backpacks, jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shoes, tents, sleeping bags, luggage, etc. I guess they are famous for their jackets, which hip-hop stars in the early 90's wore frequently.
Me: "Oh you're mad because you can't afford The North Face products so you go on Urban Dictionary and talk trash about them? Wow your life must suck."

Douchebag: "I know I cry myself to sleep most of the time, damn it's cold out here and my shitty ass backpack I bought at Walmart is falling apart!"

Me: "Harsh man, I'm warm and all the stuff in my backpack is dry, maybe you should invest in some North face ish and get rid of your bootsy gear."
by nickypoo916 August 30, 2009
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A ridiculous kind of jacket that will never see the North Face of anything. The jackets cost more than their weight in gold, and are usually worn by every member of the Greek system at all times. Attending a winter greek event may as well be a North Face advertisement. The alleged quality of the jackets is offset by the fact that owning one makes you a douche.
Teacher: Conscientious consumption is the purchase of goods to look rugged or otherwise not ostentatious. Have you of you been conscientious consumers?
Class: No.
Teacher: How many of you own something with the the words "The North Face?"
Class: *defeated*
by tgarc March 6, 2007
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A jacket that is valuable and filled with goose feathers. It's really warm... i have one that's why. They are made in other stuff, such a pants, sneakers, camping stuff, clothing, ear gear, sunglasses/shades, hats.
by Maria DelRosario February 21, 2005
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The North Face is a good brand of clothing that actually keeps you warm in the winter unlike the shitty superdry jacket I bought for an expensive price of £60. Most jackets are stuffed with wild goose feathers to make sure you stay warm and are made of the right material to last a very long time.
They also look good unlike chavy gear from Adidas, Nike, franklin and marshall, UCLA etc..

I will now invest in getting one soon.
"Wow hes wearing the north face, he has a good job"

Chav: "Look at my nike bodywarmer looks sick."
Normal guy wearing a northface bodywarmer thinks to himself * He bought that for 30 quid?*
by JorD77 November 7, 2011
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A once proud brand of outdoor apparel, that has since sold its soul to the masses, who still think it holds them in some sort of higher level in the hierarchy of humans. While true outdoors people have shown disdain from purchasing the products as not to look like the yuppy scum who define the brand.
Bob wanted a new climbing jacket, even though the The north Face jacket was on sale, he didn't want to look like a complete fucking fag like the majority of those who wear the brand. Bob doesn't have a tiny dick and didn't need a brand label to try and make his manhood feel bigger.
by TardBark October 30, 2017
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