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A verb relating to the famous Mr. Feeny from the popular 90's television show "Boy Meets World." Mr. Feeny taught the main characters of the show for nearly every year and class they had. This verb refers to times when teachers, coaches, or whoever else may do the same thing or something similar. "Feenying" does not necessarily have to occur for the entire lives or television series' of the subjects; it may be only for a short time.
It can be used in either a positive or negative context.
High School Student: I've had the same basketball coach since I was in 6th grade.
Person: Wow, he's really Feenying you guys.


Student 1: Who was your teacher in 3rd grade?
Student 2: Mrs. B
Student 1: What about 4th grade?
Student 2: Mrs. B again
Student 1: What about 5th?
Student 2: Mr. J
Student 1: Oh man Mrs. B could only short-term Feeny


Student 1: Man I hate this class, and I have the same teacher next period.
Student 2: Wow you're really getting Feenied
by Cam the Ram May 29, 2008
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A Feeny, also referred to as Feens or Mr. Feeny, is the state of a penis exactly halfway between flaccidity and full erection. It is often called a "half chub"
"Hey Matt, what are you doing?"
"There was some gay porn on the telly and I thought I might have a look."
"You're enjoying it I see."
"Why would you say that?"
"You're feeny's pokin out"
by Matt and Seth February 25, 2008
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A really ugly girl who is so hideus in a pooish kind of way.

A typical feeny person has freckles and pasty peeling skin
their face is sort of skimpy looking. and makes you quiver when they walk past you.

The word Feeny is derived from the word Fanny because lots of ugly girls are called Fanny. Feeny people also tend too be very overly nice.
Look at that annoying girl she is Feeny
by Porridgestor March 10, 2007
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