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A scared person who is afraid to take chances or step out of their comfort zone. Usually, this word is used to describe a person who is afraid to go after the boy or girl that they like.
Ali is a weenie because she won't talk to Nicholas.
Stephanie isn't a weenie; she texted her crush last night.
by Shark10101 June 01, 2007
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1) a small hotdog
2) baby talk for the male genitals (aka a PENIS)
3) an insult used by pre-schoolers
1) We rosted weenies over the fire

2) Pre-schooler 1: I'll show you my weenie if you show me yours.
Pre-schooler 2: Ok, one, two, three

3) Pre-schooler 1: Nanapoopoo you're a weenie!
Pre-schooler 2: waaa pre-schooler 1 called me a weenie!
by ZaZa December 31, 2005
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1. (n) A person posessing significant technical expertise, without some of the theatrical connotations of "geek".

Sometimes used in an endearing fashion.
2. (n) A psrson given to social maladroitness or embarrassing behavior.
1. "He's a crypto weenie"

2. "She seemed to like him, but he never said anything. What a weenie."
by pa28pilot November 22, 2003
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Common in a large college lecture class, someone who sits in the front row and takes avid notes and asks questions in class making everyone feel dumb.
"Look at that weenie sitting in the front row writing down all the derivations of the nernst equation."
by Tubbis February 19, 2011
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a kid who always goes in when losing in a game or got hurt
your acting like a weenie
by Anonymous September 10, 2002
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A term used to describe a male who lacks basic male qualities or who behaves more like a female. This includes wearing tight clothing, wearing pink, lack of physical muscularity, weakness, using words such as omg, is unable to perform basic male tasks such as fixing a car or a sink, or is unable to assemble things. A weenie is also a man who overreacts in times of crisis or who is worthless during a disaster, such as an earhquake, a fire, or a hurricane.
I can't believe Justin can't change his car's oil!" "He is such a weenie.
by thankme March 27, 2011
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